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Old 08-06-2001, 09:37 PM   #1
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Revalving FZ1 forks

I had the oportunity to pull apart a set of FZ1 forks this past weekend. They came off a wrecked bike that are being fitted to a friend's FJ1200. Well.. After taking a look at the internals I am not impressed. Both the rebound and compression assemblies are non-rebuildable. What does this mean? It won't be easy to revalve the forks. A respring will be easy but revalving will take some custom parts. I made a call to Race Tech today to ask if they have seen the forks today and after talking with some idiot for 20minutes he finally told me that the only way to get the forks revalved is to send them in. Well... I don't trust anybody to work on my bike so that is not an option. The racetech guy told me they could install a gold valve but couldn't tell me how.;|

Here are some problems.

The FZ1 fork (made by Soqi) use a base valve holder unlike any fork I have ever seen. It looks like a Kayaba base valve holder but with an extra long base for the main bolt. A stock Kayaba base valve holder will not work.

The rebound assembly looks like the R1/R6/YZF600 variety but threads where it attaches to the damper rod use a different pitch. This means the standard rebuild kit for the R1 family of forks will not fit.

I can have a part made that will allow me to use a KYB base valve holder in the FZ1 forks. This will be a lot of work but it will be to run either Axxion or Gold valves in the FZ1 forks.

I still need to check this but I think the rebound assemblies from a Showa fork may have the same thread pitch as the FZ1 damper rod. This will take care of revalving the rebound.

Here are my questions.

Has anybody taken the FZ1 forks apart that may have other ideas on how I can rebuild these?

Has anybody sent their forks to race tech for a revalve yet? Do you know what they did to them?

Has anybody seen any rebuild kits specifically for the FZ1 anywhere?

Oh.... Do you know why some of you are complaining about the front end being too stiff? Well, after taking a good look at these forks I can give you two reasons. 1. Too much preload in the soft springs (I'm going to check the rate of the FZ1 springs this week). 2. Orifice controlled compression damping. There are no shims at all in the FZ1 forks. (This is the reason I want to put in real compression and rebound assemblies). Everything is controlled by bleed screws which are basically fixed orifices. Orifice type damping produces a very progressive damping curve. Result = lots of high speed compression damping.

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Old 08-18-2001, 04:59 AM   #2
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Re: Revalving FZ1 forks

OK, I'm not trying to rub my buddies back, but look at the MX-TECH website, Jeremy lives about 6 miles from me and is Worldwide with his work, He was going to lower my FZ but still trying to get all the bugs worked out from my crash.

Ill find the link for you.

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Old 08-18-2001, 05:02 AM   #3
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Re: Revalving FZ1 forks

He does mostly dirt bikes but also does street.

He will get to see my FZ over the winter, Ive lost enough ride time already.

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