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Old 10-23-2013, 01:54 PM   #1
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Cox Communications vs Century Link Prism TV

Been with Cox Communications for over 25 yrs. It seems every year the prices keep going up.

About a month ago purchased my first ďSmart TVĒ even though I havenít had time to explore the options like NetFlix (Iíve never downloaded a movie/show ever)

Just yesterday I called them to bitch about the current bill as now I have two HD DVR boxes. One upstairs and one in my man cave in the basement.

Currently have HBO, Showtime, TMC, and CineMax (Premiums cost $29 per mo.) and about 400 other channels that I mostly donít care about.
One of the things I do like about Cox is the Paladia Channel which is a music channel that actually shows concerts and Darrelís House which is really cool if any of you have seen it.

Iíve saved classic concerts on the DVR (Stones, Doors) and numerous racing footage and movies too. In fact my DVR downstairs is maxed outÖ. Lol

I got Cox down to $189 bundled with a land line and Internet.

My dilemma is the green men came knocking on my door spouting off how Century Link is now in my neighborhood with Fiber-optic cable which provides better speed and picture with more options and blows Cox outa the water!

Three boxes (two wireless) so you can watch DVR shows on any TV in the house. I currently have 5 tvís and only two are HD. I also donít download anything (movie related on my computer).

He also said ďPremium Channels are outdated, they show the same crap and you can get anything you want on NetFlixĒ Also with the fiberoptic cable you wonít get delay like you do with outdated copper cable. I donít know if this is true or not?

I signed the papers and will have it all installed next week. But then I saw they donít have the Paladia Channel and Iím also bummed out about losing everything on my DVRís.

Is there anyway I can download my DVR recordings onto an external Hardrive. My external Harddrive does not have a mouse so I have no idea how to do this.

Could I download it to a laptop?

I suppose I could keep Cox and eliminate the Premium Channels and be down to $160.

Century Link with three boxes (they say the DVR has more storage) and free Long distance on the landline (donít really need that) will be $130 pricelocked for two yrs.

Has anyone made a similar switch?
Pros vs Cons

Iím about ready to cancel the order until I can figure things out.

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