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Some (possibly) useful info:

I had a similar problem with my '01 several years ago. It went gutless at around 3200 RPM when the engine was under any real load. I could 'nurse' it through the feeble area, and as long as I kept the RPMs up and/or the load light, it didn't happen.

What it turned out to be:

A combination of dirt on/in my spark plug boots/wires and humidity. The key thing that I noticed was that it seemed to happen more/worse when it was raining. I completely fixed it (as in, never happened again) by cleaning and re-terminating my plug boots (no new parts required).

Why (I think):

The pre-detonation spark voltage is (mostly) a function of cylinder pressure. Higher pressures require higher voltages. High load on the engine corresponds to high cylinder pressure. High spark voltage is also more likely to find a sneaky path to ground (through damp dirt, for example). Once that unintended discharge starts, the spark plug never gets to do it's thing. In the FZ1, an 'insulation failure' on a single plug wire takes down 2 cylinders. A poor connection between the wire and the boot will require higher coil voltages - more likely to 'sneak.'

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