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Originally Posted by arkie6 View Post
What about the large vent hoses for the carb top diaphragms (see the two large black unlabeled hoses running front to back in the diagram below over the top of the airbox and fitting in notches in the airbox with the ends going under the frame rail)? Are the ends of those properly tucked between the air box and frame rail and pointing down with the ends open (not mashed closed or otherwise blocked)? Those have to vent air to allow the throttle slides to lift.

Arkie, good description, and what I was incorrectly alluding to with my vacuum comment. From the ride report, it sounds as if the butterflies are opening but one or more of the slides/needles aren't being pulled up by the diaphragm. Vacuum leaks, damaged diaphragms, and as you describe with blocked vents, all can work to prevent operation of these CV carbs.

Had that issue on an old CX500, and my R6.

It ain't a Holley! (Thank goodness. Love these carbs.)
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