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Long journey, but time to move on... what to do with bike?

My apologies, long post, but bear with me...

I have had a 2003 1st gen with about 18,000 miles on it. However, it is time to move on. I had some great times on that bike including evacuating from New Orleans during hurricane Katrina with nothing but saddle bags. It turned into a trip up the blue ridge parkway with a stop at the dragon. Camping trips, track days, it has been a blast.

However, a lot of other things have happened in that time. In short, I got married, had two kids, and changed careers. I now work as an ER doctor in a trauma center.

So, while I love that bike, my motivation to not ride has increased exponentially. I have too much to lose with having a family, and frankly I see too many bad things happen to motorcyclists in the ER. Frankly, I know myself well enough to know how much fun that thing was and I don't trust myself to not do stupid-ish things. So, the bike has to go.

There are a ton of upgrades. Carbon fiber everything, full titanium Arata exhaust, Ivans jet kit, Traxxion dynamics fork and rear spring upgrade, GYTR handlebar risers, suburban machinery handlebars, 15 tooth front/46 tooth rear sprockets, tail hugger, stainless steel brake lines, Corbin seat, etc...

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, the bike has also been neglected somewhat for the past three years. The gas and carbs were drained and it starts fine, but a lack of a garage for a few years, and time has not been kind.

The tires are dry rotted and need replaced. The front fork seals have rusted and need to be replaced. In the meantime, a very low speed drop and falling over on the kickstand has made a few scratches, bent the clutch handle, and broken the shift lever. (The shift lever was replaced with a bolt and about 10 nuts that had actually worked fine for many years, but not exactly 'OEM' replacement) It was kept under a cover or in a garage, but the sun still managed to fade some of the black plastic.

So the question is what is the best way to sell it? Fix everything? Part out all the upgrades then sell totally as is? Part out and then fix broken stuff? I'm open to ideas. Provided it had new tires, all major problems addressed, and was totally stock, how much would it even be worth?

I appreciate any advice. I will be riding again one day, but it might have to wait until the kids are a bit older.

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