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Another link to the same chart and easier to read I guess. The lack of response leaves me wondering if most are as confused about all this as me. I did do some research on tractor hydraulic fluid and that stuff is higher weight same as ATF.

Seems the shock oils and some of the expensive fork oils have a higher VI. Redline and Silkolene seem to be raved about.. possibly even worshipped. LOL A top race tuner did specify to me to use the Maxima Racing Shock Fluids back when I was experimenting with my GSXR shock. Might have been [ probably was ] Dave at GP suspensions back when >> ie all around good guy btw. But it might have been Peter Kates at Computrack Boston too. So don't quote me on that. It was stated to be an excellent performer in all respects and I could not argue that as it worked a treat in my GSXR shock application. BTW.. I think I mis-stated the price on the Silkolene RSF 2.5wt fluid earlier. It's about $23 a liter at partshark.

To my simpleton way of thinking, a lighter wt oil would produce less protection even while providing consistent flow performance. I would also think fork seals would be challenged not to leak at 2.5wt but what do I know. Don't think I ever tried such a low weight fork oil. It did stay in the GSXR shock which had some seriously aged seals I kept using. fwiw
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