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What about Maxima Shock Oil?

Based on the specs listed and also those I saw on, it looks to me like the Maxima Racing Shock Oil [3wt] has pretty comparable characteristics to the Silkolene RSF 2.5 wt. And it seems significantly cheaper.

I did Glenn's mods to my suspension some 50K+ miles ago and have been nothing but happy. I'm embarking on my second fork rebuild since doing the mods and I think I used Belray 5wt oil before but it might have been Maxima 5wt. Glenn's spec'ing out 2.5wt silkolene it looks like now based on local availability if I read that right and based on excellent experience upon useage. That stuff is pricey/dear. My forks need a rebuild here hastened by fork seal failure so I planned to get upper and lower metal internal sliders and fork oil/dust seals kit. Only thing holding me up is deciding on a fluid. I admit being tempted to just use the Maxima 5wt standard fork oil but if you look at the charts that spec's out pretty different from what Glenn is recommending now. I'm up for an improvement if it can be had for reasonable but I'm seeing the Silkolene on partshark at like $27 a liter "ouch". Motul 2.5wt fully synthetic is a more palettable $18 a liter but again somewhat different in spec's. Maxima 5wt more like $10 a liter so that's the cheap route and I've been pretty happy with the 5wt. Seals would probably even last longer but if more traction is to be had via the lighter viscosity route that would seem intelligent.

I admit I've been very happy with the performance of the initial setup which was RavenRider both ends but the last 10K miles of so I've gone to Penske twin clicker rear shock with 600# spring and standard dogbones since I found a deal on a good used twin clicker with ride adjustment. fwiw. I would say this penske is definitely better than the RR dogbones but its also $$$'s more = As you know. I got on very well with the RR dogbone mod and stock shock with 10wt Maxima Racing Shock Fluid oil that I rebuilt myself.. although Lee from Traxxion assured me on this forum that "that" [rebuilding that stock shock on my own and getting it right without a vacuum chamber would not be possible] was not possible and it would not work. It did work the best I could tell, and assorted riders near and far tasted how "WELL" it worked. Not bragging... really. LOL

I also have about a liter of the Maxima Racing Shock Fluid 3wt on the shelf from another shock project I did some time ago on a GSXR I think it was???

Anyone try the Maxima Racing Shock Fluid with the RavenRider fork mod? Anyone see a reason not to do so? On the chart below the Maxima RSF is listed right above the Silkolene and specs look comparable unless I'm missing something. Thanks George

Originally Posted by Alley Oop View Post
I got these comparison numbers for suspension fluids from the Traxxion forum:

Brand cSt @ 40C (centiStrokes) cSt @ 100C (centiStrokes) Viscosity Index (VI)

Red Line (Like Water!) 5.5 2.3 344
Red Line (Extra Light) 9.8 4 402
Spectro SPL Ultra Light 10 4.4 385
Bel-Ray HVI (3wt) 13 4.1 300
Maxima Racing Shock Oil (3wt) 14 5.2 378
Silkolene Pro RSF (2.5wt) 14 5.8 464
Spectro (85/150) 14 3.4 150 - lighter than manufacturer but still made for forks
Racetech (Light US1) 14.2 4.2 ???
Honda (5wt) 15 4.5 140
Yamaha Fork Oil (01) 15 4.5 150
Maxima Fork Oil (5wt) 16 3.5 150
Maxima Racing Fork Oil (5wt) 16 3.5 150
Motul Fork Oil (Very Light) 16 3.5 100
Ohlins (5wt) 16.5 ???
Kayaba (1) 17 4.1 ???
Showa (SS7) 17 4.1 ???
Red Line (Light) 18.4 7.1 407
Ohlins (R&T 43) 19 ???
Bel-Ray Fork Oil (5wt) 20 6.2 280
Motul Fork Oil (Light) 20 6 260
Bel-Ray HVI (5wt) 21 6.7 300
Maxima Racing Shock Oil (7wt) 21 7.3 349
Spectro Shock & Fork 400 21 8.9 400
Ohlins (10wt) 22 ???
Silkolene Fork Oil (5wt) 22 4.4 106
Spectro Fork Oil (5wt) 22 4.4 119
Spectro (125/150) 26 3.4 150
Spectro SPL (Very Light) 26 10 400
Maxima Racing Fork Oil (7wt) 27 3.5 151
Silkolene Pro RSF (5wt) 27 9.5 372
Maxima Racing Shock Oil (10wt) 29 9.4 334
Red Line (Medium) 30.4 10.8 369
Ohlins (15wt) 31.7 ???
Maxima Fork Oil (10wt) 32 6.3 151
Maxima Racing Fork Oil (10wt) 32 6.3 151
Spectro Fork Oil (10wt) 33 7.2 111
Silkolene Fork Oil (10wt) 35 7 169
Silkolene Pro RSF (7.5wt) 37 12 322
Maxima Fork Oil (15wt) 46 8.5 154
Maxima Racing Fork Oil (15wt) 46 8.5 154
Spectro Fork Oil (15wt) 46 7.2 119
Silkolene Pro RSF (10wt) 47 14 303
Red Line (Heavy) 66.8 16 256
Showa (SS8)

From this chart it looks as if Red Line and Spectro are the only fluids significantly lighter than the manufacturers oil. The one Bel Ray is a little lighter.

Note: the viscosity index (VI) is the oils' resistance to fade. The higher the better. But this number is not as critical for forks as for shocks, which operate at higher temps.
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