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I was wondering if its okay to install a set of front springs I got on ebay awhile back. They are .95kg springs I believe.Then your recomended front syspension upgrade transformation should be quicker for me to do as I ride two up now on my 2004-FZ1. Im on a very tight budget now and I should have taken care of the pogo front syspension on my beloved FZ1 awhile back. I have progressive springs and gold valves on my 2007 Roadliner S and a progressive shock and spring out back and that bike is just perfect as far as syspension performance and feel for a cruiser. I just also got done with my 2011 Camaro RS syspension and frame mods and that is also a world difference in handeling now. Problem was I was not using the FZ1 that much. Now Im using it alot more finnally and I can see the front end syspension is the biggest culprit with no feed back to me. But now the more important financial matters cropped up and money is tight. I have about $300.00 to spare, so im thinking a slightly stiffer spring out back on my FZ (or a 07 up R6 rear shock and springset up) and the stiffer springs out front with the 2.5wt oil you recomend and oil height. Then maybe next rideing year I can get the gold valves in the front and send out my stock rear shock for revalveing. So would this be a good start for me? Thanks.
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