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I really don't feel like pulling the carbs and life has been way too busy. So because of that I still have the hanging idle problem. I have tried to correct it with sea foam, carb cleaner spray, and other things but obviously none work.

So the weekend of 1/24 I plan on pulling them and begin cleaning. The last was I pulled them off was installing Ivan's kit...18 years ago.

This much I know. When the idle is set at 1000 to 1100 rpm’s the hanging throttle is worse and if I lower the idle down to five or 600 rpm’s the hanging idle situation improves. Noticeably improves. Idle jet maybe?

I wonder if the one of the slides is not dropping down as quickly as it should. I have no idea but it is a thought.

So if there any suggestions on something in particular I should focus on while cleaning the carbs that might be specially related to my wonderful situation I would appreciate it?

One more thought. I am going to replace the float needle O ring and the bowl O ring. Any other O ring I should replace while I am there?

Thanks for your time.

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