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Hanging idle

A few years ago I posted a problem with a carburetor issue on my O2. I had apparently two issues. One was a hanging idle and the other was fuel leaking from a carb. It was becoming harder to start and taking longer to warm up. I had tried to solve the issue with seafoam but it never worked. I bumped the carburetor bowl’s with the end of a screwdriver to loosen up a potentially stuck float. That did not work either.

Eventually I simply removed the float bowl drain screw and gently sent compressed air into the bowl to hopefully unstick a float. It worked and made a big improvement with starting and warming up.

The hanging idle did not go away, however it noticeably improved. I realize a hanging idle may be a sign of an air leak or very lean pilot circuit fuelling. So To check for potential air leak I sprayed WD-40 around the carb boots at the head while the bike was idling. In one case the idle slightly increased but I could never get it to repeat.

One thing has definitely got me confused. When the idle is set at 1000 to 1100 rpm’s the hanging throttle is worse then when I idle the bike down to approximately 800 RPMs. And if I lower the idle down to five or 600 rpm’s the hanging idle situation improves again. I have no idea as to why.

Now the same situation has returned.

So here is my question.

When I pull these carburetors off what should I focus on as the potential problem(s)? And when I remove the boots do I need to do anything other than replace the gasket?

Thanks for your time,

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