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We didn't! We sold the tickets, because with Mike being out of work we kind of have to sell what we can when we can. We do have tickets to Friday's game.

Hoping they are on a roll, and Duchene and Stas are on FIRE. They've made good trades, beat Hotlanta and the Caps (not sure if that's saying much right now) and now Chicago without having to go to overtime. When they were down 5-4 I got up and walked away, before I threw the controller.

So many top line guys out injured and these rookies and no names come in and show what they've got, playing like it is their first and last chance to make it - for some of them it is.

And they traded Hannan. I was really excited about that. When we met him at the meet the players event, I thought he was an ass. Like he was too good to waste his time doing that. He was always solid, but just didn't seem to be fired up ever. I'm wondering what the Caps think about losing five since they got him. If the players are as superstitious as most, they probably don't talk to him in the locker room. Avert their eyes from something unholy in their midst...
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