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If I ever need anything he's the first guy that I call. I once ordered Pazzo levers from him and they were boxed and ready to ship before we were off of the phone. When I rented a bike from him he picked me up and took me back to the airport and I stayed at his house overnight. He and Cory Beth are the best! Also

'06, Ivan's ECU Flash, PCIII, Scorpion Can, Airbox Mod, Wire Re-route, 16T, Speedohealer, Ivan's AIS Kit, Cat Skinned, Flies Swatted, EXUP Gone, Lower Fairings, EvoTech Fender Eliminator, Givi V35's and Top Box, SW-Motech Racks, FZ-6 Footpeg Rubber, Blind Spot's Fuel Line, Fren Tubo Brake Lines & Pazzo Levers, Luke's Seat Latch Mod, R1 Shock & Satan's Adapter, Duken4evr Fork Oil, R6 Throttle, CD Screen

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