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Hey Jon:

I am going to see how far a rear PR4 GT will last, on my newer 2001, FZ1.

Already have a PR4 GT front on said bike that was in near mint condition, given to me, by a very quiet rider. Cost me a Shoei Qwest chin curtain, i did not need.

I picked up a as new rear PR4 GT, when i was last in Hermosa Beach, three months ago. The tire still has the faint paint lines on the threads, with all the nubs still there, and a date code of 45/17. Yet another $59.75 i will never see again, with Ca. sales tax included. lol! Threw the tire around my waist, and bike and tire, ran up to Watsonville, the next day on the FZ1. Had a few funny looks from folks in cars, on 101 north. A C.H.P. unit went by me, and had a laugh, also!

So, with The Valley of Death Ride happening in exactly four weeks time from today, i will have fresh PR4 GT tires, front and back. Be interesting to see what kind of mileage i will receive, on these Mich. GT tires.

I even have the same combo of tires, on the ol' 2002 FZ1 wreck. They are about new, also. Rare for me to have matching tires, front/back! lol!

Hope you be be doing well, Jon. Hello to Jeremy, also


P.S. Just checked my rear PR4. Yep, made in Spain. Should be good to go.

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