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I'm only 24 so I feel like I have it a bit easier losing weight than the middle aged guys. About six months ago, I started my weight loss, and workout plan. I decreased the size of all of my meals, stopped drinking soda, almost stopped beer, and I cut down on carbs and fat. Along with this diet, I started weight lifting/cardio at the gym. I currently workout about 5-6 days per week. I don't weigh myself and have only weighed myself twice since December. I pay attention to my fat loss and muscle gain by the mirror. The best part of this workout, at this point, is I can eat just about anything without gaining fat. A big motivator for this whole thing is my goal/dream of becoming a professional firefighter and geting out from behing this desk. If I had to estimate my weight loss, I'd say 25 pounds but I've gained a decent amount of muscle.
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