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Hi everyone:

I started taking apart my carbs today and I have a couple of questions. I am using this link to separate the carbs and then disassemble each carb for cleaning in my Ultrasonic Cleaner.

1. Under "Separating the Carburetors" section the line says to "...Remove the fuel inlet pipe (8). I assumed that I had to remove the bracket that holds the Fuel Inlet Pipe from carb #2, since the fuel inlet pipe would not come loose. The large Phillips head screw came out fine, but the small one is beginning to strip and I backed off of it. I am using the JIS (Japanese Industry Standard) bits to work on the carbs (see second photo).

My questions are: Is there a trick to removing the fuel inlet pipe without removing the bracket? Any chance the Ultrasonic Cleaner will loosen the screw?

2. Under "Disassembling a carburetor" section "...Remove the starter plunger (1)" I assume that the starter plunger is where my yellow arrow is pointing (see first photo).

Can anyone confirm that for me?

3. Under "Disassembling a carburetor" section "...Remove the pilot air jet (2)". I am not sure where the pilot air jet is located. I don't see any jets on the air intake side.

Can someone give me a better idea of where the pilot air jet is? Is it behind the cover pointed to by the green arrow (see first photo).

4. I didn't find any instruction to remove the float bowel cover. Does it matter when I remove it? I assume before "....Remove the float pin (9)" instruction would probably work since the float pin is "under" the float bowel.

5. If I follow the instructions to the end, will the carb be ready for the Ultrasonic Cleaner or are the other parts that need to be removed?

Thanks for everyone's help in answering a NEWBIE's questions.
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