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Originally Posted by didier9 View Post
Donít feel bad, I had my Ď03 carbs redone when I bought the bike in 2015. Same thing, changed all the o rings and gaskets while Ivanís kit was installed. It took a couple of years for the leak to develop. It was not spectacular like you but the bike would smell gas each time after a ride. Not enough of a leak to puddle but aggravating.
I finally had it fixed while there was other maintenance to do on the bike (tires and brakes). It was between the carbs too.
Now the bike really is a peach!
That is great to hear! My wife kept saying, go look at the new bikes, go look at the new bikes....Finally, I took her over to see what Yamaha had replaced the FZ1 with. She took one look at a 2017 FZ10 and said "Really? What is that?" Then she looked at a 2019 MT-10 and said "now I see why they call it a naked R1, like most naked things, it is ugly." I showed her the 2019 R1 that I had test road last fall and she said "That is a good looking bike..."

My wife has great tastes when it comes to motorcycles. So, I can't disagree with her, the 2019 R1 even looks better than my 2005 R1 did. Unfortunately, I don't do track days any more and the FZ1 is much happier on the street than my 2005 R1 ever was. So, I am looking forward to getting the FZ1 back on the street.

By the way, my wife bought a new 2007 Hayabusa in September of 2007 (without any of my influence). She saw it, sat on it and said lets make a deal! She is a keeper. She can't ride any more, so for the last couple of years, I have been putting miles on the Busa, while I procrastinated fixing the FZ1. The Busa is a fun ride, but weighs over 100 lbs more than the FZ1. The Busa's extra HP is nice in a straight line, but the FZ1 has better handling in the corners. I am looking forward to riding the FZ1 again. Hopefully, the Busa will go up for sale this spring.

Yamaha O-rings & O-ring lube have arrived, so hopefully, the next couple of days will be productive. Warm, dry weather is coming to the NW and I would like to be out riding my FZ1.

Thanks again for all your encouragement.
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