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Nice RD flbusa. Notice you have the required expansion chambers on it too

First bike as a CT 70. Graduated to an XL100, this was all around 1975. Asked my neighbor to let me ride his '74 TM400 Cyclone. It was one of those "if you can start it you can ride it" deals. My neighbor was shocked when I got it running, but a deal is a deal. Took it out the back yard and into the grassy field behind my house. It felt like it had hand of God power as it sprewed sod and wheelied every time it hit the powerband. I was 13 years old, and my life was never quite the same after that

Some photos then. Nice safety gear!

Neighbor's bike was like this one. The bike itself was nothing special. It was all about that rude dog open class 2 stroke engine.

My first "real" bike, a '79 RM125. Loved that thing. It was cutting edge racing bike at the time, bought it new while in high school for $900 with my lawn cutting money. Can't do that anymore eh?

Fast forward to the '87 CR250, etc etc to the current '10 Husaberg 450. Favorite bike I have ever owned. Love the thing. Just love it. The ride continues

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