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A little note from my recent trip.

We stopped at Tatogga Lake Lodge on the way up. Met the guy who runs it. He was helpful. Let us use the wifi. Let me use the water hose to clean all the dust from my bike. He told me about how his prices to stay at the lodge are much cheaper than Bell 2. The truck guys eating breakfast there said the food was good.

So far, so good. All pretty much what you'd expect.

My wife commented that he seemed a bit off. I said nah, that's just his way. Didn't think more of it.

On the way back, we stopped in there again. Got gas, used wifi again. I asked if I could fill up the water bladder in my tank bag in the kitchen. He said sure. We were talking about this and that while I gassed up and was getting the water. He asked about my bike, where it was made. I said it was made in Austria. All of a sudden, he goes into this rant about how the world owes the Austrians and the Germans a big debt.

"Oh, how so?" I asked.

"Well, they saved Europe from the Red Army, which was on the brink of invading and taking over the continent."

"Really." I said.

"Yes. And everything we've been told about WW2 is all lies, told by 'those people' so that they could control us."

At which point I was done getting the water and walked away, got on my bike, and left.

I'm not Jewish. I have some German and Irish blood. Don't claim a stake on either side of that conflict, other than being glad we won and the ambitions of a madman were stopped. But I have uncles who fought in the war, and I know it was not all lies. Sad to find out this guy who runs a cool outfit in a beautiful part of BC is a rabid Jew hater and holocaust denier.

Weird, the stuff you run into on the road.

Partly stabilized, partly curious.

Be your own man; don't be an owned man.

Some people would rather be dead than wrong.
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