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Originally Posted by Dean Dinnetz View Post
As soon as the sun comes out here in Willow Glen, i am going to do the last bit of paint work, on my 2001 FZ1.

Going to paint a spare gas tank deep purplish blue, and use the "tuning" fork decals on each side. The gas tank on the bike is perfect, but the "Yamaha" white lettering, i have never liked, on the gas tank.

So, that should do it, paint wise for now. There are some small scratches on the frame, but will attend to those, another time.

Bout got this FZ1, straighten out. Will do some photos, after the gas tank is installed. The bike pops!


The gas tank is painted, and it looks very good. Not perfect yet, as it will need copious amounts of water, and 1500 grit wet sandpaper, then number 16 Meg. polishing compound, along with my elderly 7" mop buffer, then a couple coats of wax. After all that, the piece should look like a billiard ball/new money! lol!

God help me, after fifty six years of doing this nonsense, i still love throwing on paint! lol!

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