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Originally Posted by YamahaMan444 View Post
Great article.

Everyone is ohhh and ahhhh ing over the PR5 but the Dunlop Roadsmart 3 was just released last year and Dunlop and testers have said their RS3 will last approx 20K/12K front/rear and not lose performance/profile as steeply when mileage goes up.

Gloryracing, did you mount up an RS3 (Someone on the forum did, I swear) ? What was your impression, ya tire shredder?

180 Michelin Pilot 5 is 195$
180 Dunlop Roadsmart 3 is 169$
180 Bridgestone T31 is 155$

Bet there isn't 25$ worth of extra mileage in the Pilot 5 honestly, but the Pilot 5 does have this cool feature I guess: "A USED 3k mi. Road 5 tire stopped on a water soaked road in the same place as a BRAND NEW Pilot Road 4 tire thanks to the revolutionary patented MICHELIN XST Evo water drop sipes, which grow wider mile after mile." The Pilot (Road's) main selling and marketing point since the PR3 is its wet weather performance and wet weather braking. That's all they tout now. And the OP says he doesn't care about wet weather capability.

Any reason more rain sipes (grooving) would cause less tire temps and less wear overall? (I would think not, I'm sure engineers did things with belts and layers and such to keep at optimal temp even with more grooves)

I have no cat in this fight, I just grab whatever deal I can find. Currently on my first ever Roadsmart 2 I picked up for 100$ new. No opinions yet
I had to get a set of Roadsmart 3 tires mounted up during our recent FJ Central rally in Arkansas. I finished off a pair of Metzeler Roadtec01 tires sooner than I anticipated. One trip from Jasper, Ar to Push Mountain Road and back took a much greater toll than i expected. 😉 As much as I loved the performance of the Roadtec 01s, I could not fault the stickiness of the Dunlops at all. They do seem to have a slightly deeper tread pattern, so I'm hoping to get a little more life out of of them. I only had the rear end step out on me one time due to sand on the road, but nearly everyone else in the group had the same thing happen to them as well.

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