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Beware of Progressive

I am 31, single, male, 3yrs exp., NE Ohio

4-25-03 Found a good deal on a left over '02 FZ1 in blue.
5-5-03 Agreed on a price with the dealer.
5-6-03 Get reasonable quote from Progressive(15/30/10/Comp & Coll w/$250 deduct./9 on 3 off policy/$848)
5-8-03 Call dealer have him prep bike.
5-10-03 AM Pick up bike!!!
5-10-03 PM Call Progressive to get policy started.

Agent tells me this policy will cost $3200
State mins. and $1000 deduct. will cost $1007
They can't find the quote for $848
They say the had a "rate revision" the day after I called.
Have them put policy in place to cover my @ss.

Call Gieco and get quote similar to first Progressive quote, but 12 months on for $994, and that's before I switch my 2 cars to them and get another 5% off the motorcycle policy.

Needless to say... Progressive.
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