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Originally Posted by bradd View Post
The CDC says possibly 25% of infected people could be asymptomatic, so if that is the case and we can't test everybody masks could help. But again by stopping the infected from spreading it, not necessarily protecting the uninfected.

My mom and sister live in a rural county in MN, it has had an abnormal amount of cases for a place with low population that is relatively isolated.

One of the reason they give for having more confirmed cases is the hospital there is part of the Mayo Health system, they can do their own tests so more people are getting tested.
West Virginia has retracted a reported death. However it is not clear if they meant the first reported death or a second one. But when I went to the WV site they list lots of counties with 1 to 3 reported cases and only the county containing Morgantown has a large number of cases. This would lead me to believe this is incredibly easy to spread.
However it may just be a case of getting spread at WVU or something.

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