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Getting into turn 4 at Sonoma
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Originally Posted by dschult2 View Post
I think it's a feel thing that comes with experience. Sorta like the first time you scrape a peg. First time scares the shit out of you but then you get used to it and know what your bike feels like when it's leaned over that far. I can guarantee that you have way more clearance than you think you do. A good rule of thumb for how fast you can take a corner is whatever the suggested speed is you can usually double it, and that's with shitty body position to boot. If your doing everything right you could probably double it +10. Best thing to do is find some twisty roads and have fun. Just push yourself a little bit further each time over a familiar stretch of road. It'll come. I wouldn't worry too much about low siding your bike. Most people (especially a rider with only a few years of experience) crash because they feel they are entering a corner too fast so they slow down, stand the bike up, target fixate, and run off the road. In reality they had plenty of lean left and would have been just fine had they leaned a bit more. When in doubt - throttle out.
I think most of this is correct in my opinion, but the throttle out part is a risky suggestion for the rider that is obviously inexperienced. I would say if you find your self thinking your in too deep and start to panic a little...don't panic...stay with the braking and lean while closing the throttle completely. you must look through the corner while all this is happening. Your bike will go where you look. If the rider you're describing has already panicked and has sort of given up and is obviously heading into the dirt...throttling out would probably just launch you off the mountain side even further. Now if you're a motocross rider learning the the throttle out and flat track method might work? Best advice...go slow on corner on exits and learning the road. Don't follow faster riders. I love all the input and information we all try and give to the community. I'm just throwing out some food for thought. I don't really know what I'm talking about yet...only 44 years of riding street bikes...another 10-15 years maybe???
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