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Originally Posted by theunderfighter View Post
I would think to "kiss the mirror" your head would have to be pointed up, would it not? With your chest on the tank, and elbow to the ground, you have to be looking up and forward, do you not?
Well you don't literally, its just a good way to portray getting your shoulders and chest down, to be the best, you have to kiss the frame sliders like Marquez.

I'm not saying have your head all the way sideways, I'm just saying it should correspond with the lean of the bike somewhat.

But I think his point was to self examine and experiment and realize how much untapped potential the bike, tires, and you have. Which I can agree, but with serious lean angle, you need serious body position and I don't think a straight up head would help. Again, just something our instructors mentioned and that getting used to a cockeyed slanted horizon view is something to learn.
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