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Originally Posted by oldjeep View Post
Seems like it should work, however I'm surprised that silicone is recommended for natural rubber. Back in the old days I had some natural rubber brake lines in a British car and the previous owner had used silicone fluid which basically destroyed every rubber bit in the brake system.

This is all new to me, I've rebuilt countless automatic and manual transmissions, engines and other mechanical things with O-rings and until this thread I had never heard of "o-ring" lubricant, nor ever seen it referenced in a service manual.

Ok, that makes me feel better. Maybe the lubricant is for newbies that can't get the o-ring in without "nicking" it. Experienced people are better at getting the o-rings in correctly (they have had lots of practice). I am more used to getting wood joints to come together properly, than putting in o-rings.

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