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O-rings are fantastic and highly capable components, but only if the engineering behind it is sound. In most applications, as long as you use the components that were properly engineered for the application, all is good with not much to worry about.

However, questionable materials (China Freight parts), practices, and operating beyond design tolerances, may end with less than desirable consequences. Think back to January 1986. Not a fault of the o-ring, but operating outside design parameters.

I had 247,000 (hard) miles on my first RX7 with the rotary engine, a 1980 model. Those o-ring side seals were fantastic.

Also, I tend to stay away from silicone lubes, as silicone has a fantastic way of migrating everywhere, and possibly in places it isn't desirable. At an aerospace company I used to work for, we actually shut down our space lab for two weeks for cleaning due to silicone contamination. The stuff can be a double edged sword.
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