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Originally Posted by Desmo View Post
I had this exact same problem on my 01 ages ago. Well, at least the symptoms you describe matched it.

One day I'm riding across the San Mateo bridge and the thing won't accelerate. Problem came out of the blue. I rode the bike every day.

I recall though that when I got it home it I found that it was leaking fuel from one of the float bowls. I called a buddy and asked what to do. Think I started a thread here too.

I never figured the problem out. I got frustrated and parked it. A few days later it started up and the problem was gone, never appeared again.
Do you know if the rubber hoses coming from carbs 2 & 3 are necessary? The ones that lead from the carbs and presumably back to the carbon canister? When I put the carbs back on I wasn't able to reconnect them (where they come to a T)
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