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Originally Posted by Todd S View Post
Yeah, lighter weight is lovely, eh? My old Fenders stay in the home jam room; they're just too heavy. I'd lug them to shows back in my 20s and 30s, but my days of carrying them around are done.

I keep a little Blackheart 3w/5w tube amp with a 1x12 cab at the rehearsal studio. Huge tone and absurdly light. It's great, and it records well without bleeding through the iso box it lives in (it stays miked, as does everythingówe rehearse with in-ears).

The gigging amp has become a Vox Night Train (15w tube) with a custom 2x10 that's gloriously shimmery. And also absurdly light. The cab is on casters, but there's no need; I can easily lift it with one hand.

My only solid state is my Marshal as50r, for acoustic guitar. Which works well.

If you want to see truly life-changing cabs, check out

Incredibly efficient and very light. Much louder and clearer than a std ported cab.

Good review.
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