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Originally Posted by grommet View Post
I've had a Spot tracker for several years now. It gives my family peace of mind when I'm riding alone in remote areas.

The standard service costs $200 per year. I recently got an email from them with an offer for a new Spot Gen 3 (like the one I have) and a year's service for $150.


Why not just take this offer and get a new device and the same service and save $50?

I called them up and asked this question. They immediately said they would credit my account so that when my renewal date comes up I'd only be charged the $100 like in the offer for next year's service.

A three minute phone call saved me $100. Bonus.
you lost me, you say the service is $150/year, but when you called they said you'd "only be charged the $100 like in the offer for next year's service?" so they actually gave you a bigger discount than their current $150/year deal?
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