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Originally Posted by quazz View Post
I don't have a problem with Fahrenheit so much but what is really confusing is distance and volume. In woodworking I often need to find the center point and add on each side of that. If a piece of wood is 17 15/16" the and then I have to add 3/8" on each side of that it is cumbersome and prone to errors. Even the measuring tape is tricky. Is that line a 1/16 line or a 1/32? I use metric whenever I can but our North American tools are all based on neanderthal measure. My table saw has a 10" blade with a 1/8 kerf, my router bits are 1/2" shank and the cutting ends are a'' in 8th's, chisels are all in inches too. I work around all of this and I would guess that it is evenly split. With volume however pints, quarts, gallons are maddening especially considering that we used to use the English gallons etc. I suspect that there is more confusion and errors caused by volume calculations than any other. But yeah I am fine with temperature. 70 is warm 90 is hot 32 is the freezing point. In metric 20 is warm 30 is hot and water freezes at 0.

Best imperial tape measure ever for wood working. The red numbers are half the black numbers, makes finding the center point a 2 second job.
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