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Originally Posted by quazz View Post
This is from next door in Newfoundland. We don't have that much snow.

It was 15 (60 degrees on the archaic scale) last week and two days later it was - 15 (-10). The temp swings are tough.

Off track a bit.... The metric (IMHO) is a better measurement system for weights, distance, and volume. Temperature is better expressed for the common person in F however. Most people use it to know the weather, and the range of weather most people live in is usually just below freezing up to around 100 degrees F. Thus most of the scale of 0 to 100 is used People are used to base 10 scales, it makes intuitive sense.

C on the other hand had a shorter range of what is used and thus doesn't discriminate / more finely describe the weather. Having parts of a scale that isn't used isn't that helpful.

The only change I would make would be to make the F scale 0 at water freezing and 100 at the true human normal temperature (which is what Fahrenheit tried to do when making the scale but was obviously off).
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