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I have a 90 horse Etec on my old grady hull and absolutely love the motor. Use it for crabbing and trolling, so many hours of idle speed operation, never misses a beat. And, three years of no scheduled maintenance. Winterizing is ridiculously easy. Might want to consider getting the Evinrude diagnostic software and making your own EMM->RS232 serial cable (lots of info online on how to assemble) or buy the 90 dollar BRP cable. And, since any recent laptop lacks a serial port, a serial to usb adapter will solve that problem. You can get lots of useful data and control over engine performance. Software is a bit pricey from BRP at around 425, or, I know a few guys who got theirs off ebay for considerably less, don't know if that is a great choice as I've heard updates are impossible to get unless you have the license number for the software.
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