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Fuel pump keeps priming

Hi everyone,

I did a search before posting, but can't seem to find this specific fuel pump issue. Let me preface this question with the fact that I realize this seems to be a self-inflicted issue :-/

Longer/full story start:
I was out for a ride this afternoon, and not but a couple of blocks from home I noticed a gigantic parking lot was completely empty. Like an idiot, I decided "Hey! What a perfect place and time to try doing some wheelies!" I fiddled around with that for a while, and was quite pleased with myself for getting a few modest pop clutch type of wheelies to happen. Right toward the end though, I noticed the bike was suddenly idling really weird (it was really jerky) when I wasn't giving it any gas but was in gear. It dawned on me that I'm an idiot, and rode home without issue.

Shorter story start:
Shortly after returning from my ride, it occurred to me that I wasn't sure how many miles I'd ridden, so I out the key back in and flipped it to the "on" position to check the tripometer. I noticed that the fuel pump primed like crazy, like it normally does when I've let it sit for a week or two. I turned the key back to "off" then to "on", and it did the same thing. I realized I may have a problem, and tried starting it a couple of times, to no avail. After letting it sit for about 30 minutes, I tried again with the same result; it primed like crazy. I also noticed that some gas (maybe 1-2 tablespoons?) had dripped onto my garage floor. I had to leave for an appointment and when I came back about 5 hours later, no more gas had leaked.

I've been reading that wheelies can cause a carb float to get stuck in a funny position, and that stuck floats can cause gas to drip like i saw. That said, I can't get the fuel pump to stop priming to let me try a less flooded start-up.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to do with the fuel pump? I'm case it's unclear I'm mechanically inept, but would like to try fixing it myself before shelling out a bunch of money I don't have for a mechanic to fix it...any maybe a tow /doh!!

Thank you!
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