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I rode yesterday evening, and stopped by cyclegear to see if they had the neotec in - they did. Molested one for a while, I like it, and it will probably replace my multitec in the future. Not for a while though - at $650 retail! yikes. I like supporting my local CG so I'll watch for sales and give them an opportunity to price match.

Back to venting, though. I had to come home and go back out again, sun was setting so I switched to my Icon Alliance (bright colors and I keep the clear shield on it). With all the vents open, I still needed to crack the visor to get as much as air I was getting with the multitec (visor closed) a couple of minutes earlier.

I'd never really compared them that closely, but the difference is quite significant.
'01 FZ1 set up for distance
'07 FZ1 set up for fun
(both in the *faster* blue)

Which would you prefer?
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