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True.... the thing that you were taught (I was) is the very thing that will bring you down
well heading out to go pick up my plain ole black qwest from the local UPS depot
Raven 07: PC3, LeoVince, Front Cat Skinned, Airbox mod, Stock descreened Filter, AIS Plugged.....SOLD
08 Blade: R&G FE Neede nothing.........SOLD
09 R1: Didn't have it long enough to mod - WRECKED
10 Z1000: nothing yet.........SOLD
11 NiNja1000?....SOLD
12 ZX14R....SOLD
13 Diavel Dark... TOTALED
14 A leftover 2012 Arabian red concours 14
14 Traded in the Connie for a leftover 13 Ducati MTS Pikes Peak
15 WR250R SOLD
16 Beta 500RS
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