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'If modulars were really that much more dangerous, manufacturers wouldn't take the liability...."
They also make open face and shorty helmets.

Then you have the whole is Snell really safer than DOT or ECE 22-05 on the street. There have been tests that show that a Snell helment will transmit more Gs to your head than an DOT or ECE 22-05 which is not good. Snell thinks their testing methods are best the DOT thinks that their testing methods are best and the EU thinks that their testing methods are best.
Simple truth is that a full face helment Snell, DOT, or ECE 22-05 is probably going to give you the best protection. If I was going to go with a modular I would really want ECE-22-05 Instead of just DOT. I would not be terrified of using an ECE 22-05 modular on the street. My riding style is pretty calm. I am far more of a sport touring style rider than a lot of people on the board. So dropping the scare tactics I would say that a lot has to do with your riding style. I will admit that I find it absolutely bizar that anyone that is worried about safety fails to mention color. On the street I would say that you are going to be safer in a DOT Hi-Viz Helmet than a Snell black helment. At least get a bright color folks. I mean really think about it. We spend money on armor, ballistic nylon, Snell helmets and then get them all in black! People we do not have to wear black too look cool. We ride motorcycles so we are cool by default. My current jacket is silver with Hi-Viz green. It is funny but my wife told me the first time I rode with it that "Man I can see you coming from a mile away in that thing!" My next helment will be Hi-Viz as well.
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