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Originally Posted by ReconViper1 View Post
Are you willing to trust your face to a helmet that hinges in the middle and is manufactured by a company motivated by profit. Is it Snell tested?

My ex-brother-in-law left half his face on an Oregon highway many years ago and he didn't have a choice.

You do.

"Now the question you have to ask yourself is, "did he shoot six shots or just five". Well do you feel lucky"?

How "lucky" do you feel?
That is exactly why I do not get why people wear those helmets, or quick disconnects. I have read personal statements from people who have used quick disconnect stating how they have failed on them.

I spoke with Shoei rep and they have showed the internal of the modular helmet and it is impressive, but I would not trust it with my face.

That said. everyone makes their own choice.

Helmet is good for about 5-6 yrs of use. Main reason for that is internals start hardening up and will no longer be protecting you as they once were designed to protect you.
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