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Originally Posted by OSUFZ1 View Post
How is the venting (with the lid down).in the multitec compared to other helmets you have had?
Compared to the other two I have, it's as good. The main difference is it has a chin skirt, which makes a huge difference in air coming up from below, which I prefer even in the summer heat.

I never ride with it the whole lid up, but if I need more air, I will ride with the visor cracked one or two notches (or even fully off the highway - I wear shades under the tinted visor).

I sold like a Shoei commercial but I've not found another modular anywhere near similar quality, except perhaps the Nexx.
'01 FZ1 set up for distance
'07 FZ1 set up for fun
(both in the *faster* blue)

Which would you prefer?
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