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Originally Posted by DPNonafiz View Post
Got one recently .You'll love it.
this is what i decided on as well,,,, the Qwest that is
Raven 07: PC3, LeoVince, Front Cat Skinned, Airbox mod, Stock descreened Filter, AIS Plugged.....SOLD
08 Blade: R&G FE Neede nothing.........SOLD
09 R1: Didn't have it long enough to mod - WRECKED
10 Z1000: nothing yet.........SOLD
11 NiNja1000?....SOLD
12 ZX14R....SOLD
13 Diavel Dark... TOTALED
14 A leftover 2012 Arabian red concours 14
14 Traded in the Connie for a leftover 13 Ducati MTS Pikes Peak
15 WR250R SOLD
16 Beta 500RS
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